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Quality of Life for Reading

The CCQOL project will continue work with our collaborators in local authority and with local businesses to develop a space for our communities to be consulted on a range of local issues , from the future of our high streets to climate action and how the local communities can lead discussions around these and other relevant issues. This is a heritage led regeneration initiative led by Historic England  to consider how we can work collectively to support the communities in and around our high street, to improve the quality of life for communities and create local economic growth.

Urban Room at Reading

“Urban Rooms are physical spaces where people can go to understand, debate and get involved in the past, present and future of where they live, work and play. The purpose of these Urban Rooms is to foster meaningful connections between people and place, using creative methods of engagement to encourage active participation in the future of our buildings, streets and neighbourhoods.” 

Urban Room Network 

In Reading, we will be using the Urban Rooms concept as a hub to bring together members of the community and help locate the mapping and consultation process in the heart of the town centre. There have been some very useful discussions with various community groups about the pop-up Urban Room due to open in Broad Street Mall in Reading in March 2022. The theme for this Urban Room will be around Quality of Life for communities, health and wellbeing, culture and heritage and climate change. At Reading, we are asking community groups how they would like to contribute to these themes in December to inform the programme of events for the new year. We have made presentations to a range of community groups about our plans for the consultation and want to ensure that the exhibition is inclusive and reflects the interests of communities in Reading. The Urban Room space will have both digital and physical maps and models for the community to give their views on a range of topics impacting their quality of life.

The Urban Room in Reading is now open and the online mapping platform has now launched, you can participate by visiting the Commonplace platform.

Project Diary

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Project Investigator

Professor Lorraine Farrelly
University of Reading

Lorraine is an Architect and Head of Architecture and Foundation Professor in Architecture at the University of Reading.

Project Partners