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What is the Inclusive Engagement Toolkit?

The Inclusive Engagement Toolkit is a handy resource that outlines the key steps and principles to enable equal access to opportunities and resources during consultation and engagement processes.

The toolkit was created for Community Consultation for Quality of Life, drawing on the learnings from the project to date. 

The toolkit is for anyone interested in undertaking or participating in an inclusive engagement process, including community groups, individuals and built environment professionals. It is also for companies or institutions that develop or shape new places, such as local authorities, resident associations, charities and developers. 

The  toolkit offers seven simple and easy to use steps for undertaking inclusive community engagement for planning.

Why an inclusive engagement toolkit?

Inclusion is central to the delivery of a democratic planning system and is essential in creating places that enable as many people as possible to thrive. 

There has been greater and greater acknowledgement of this in recent years. But organisations do not always know how to best go about ensuring that their practices and processes are as inclusive as they can be.

Based on in-depth research, we have produced a simple 7 step toolkit to make it easier for professionals to design and deliver inclusive engagement practices

Download the Inclusive Engagement Toolkit