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A long-term vision for us all: A lesson in wellbeing for the whole of the UK

Wales is doing things differently to the rest of the UK.

To give current and future generations a good quality of life, Wales is thinking about the long term impact of the decisions they make. The Well-being of Future Generations Act is a law with 7 wellbeing goals that helps to improve the environment, economy, society and culture. So what does it mean? How does it involve communities in the process? And how can it help the rest of the UK think more long term?

This is the Quality of Life Foundation’s third event in the #CCQOL series, chaired by Dr Mhairi McVicar, Reader, Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff University and Quality of Life Foundation CCQOL Research co-investigator.

Held on Thursday 10th March 2022, our speakers were:  Sandy Clubb, Involvement Artist at Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales – Aisha Ali, Urban Planner and Founder, CDF Planning – Ian Titherington, Lead Officer, Cardiff Council.

Watch below.