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Continuing the fact-finding sessions for CCQOL research, on Thursday 25th November QoLF hosted the second installment of discussions, which contribute to the final research piece. This online event chaired by Stephanie Edwards of Urban Symbiotics asked the question How can Community Consultation Engage Underrepresented Groups?

Guided by Stephanie, Dr Kate Langham, Director and Co-Founder, Association of Collaborative Design and Senior Co-Design Lead, Policy Lab, Fara Muneer Head of Business Development at the Centre for Accessible Environments and Councillor Zulfiqar Ali, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care at London Borough of Newham helped us to understand  how we can identify key underrepresented communities, how to learn from mistakes we’re making now, and how we can build rapport for genuinely-collaborative consultation going forward.

The CCQOL research being undertaken seeks to understand how current research and practice is adapting to the rapidly and continually evolving community engagement and consultation landscapes within the UK.

You can watch the event via YouTube using the link below.

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