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Image credit – Adam Dobson, Daniel Hellyer, Gina Dinesen, Kim Pearce , Paniz Alizadeh-irani University of Reading proposal for an urban room 2020

The community consultation CCQOL  project at the University of Reading builds on existing relationships with the Moorgarth Group who manage the local shopping centre in Reading- Broad Street Mall, and Reading Borough Council. The shopping centre has been a focus for discussions about a new Urban room- as a community consultation space . The School of Architecture at the University of Reading has designed and built a series of pop up Urban rooms around the University campus and will be building on this work to install a pilot ‘urban room ‘ in the local shopping centre.  The School is part of the Urban Room network who support a range of different approaches to the idea of urban rooms as spaces for local communities. In addition , the University  has been working with the Reading Borough Council on Reading High Street Action Zone project.